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A Snapchat head and ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ producer are on board too.

Fox News’s Megyn Kelly is dipping her toe in scripted series: She’s producing a new comedy for go90 called Embeds, according to Variety. 

The streaming platform go90, which debuted last year, has previously focused on series that feature YouTube stars, like [email protected] and Miss 2059. Embeds, which will be co-produced with Fifty Shades of Grey‘s Michael De Luca, is a bit of a pivot. 

The six-episode series follows five reporters on the campaign trail, though the cast has not yet been announced. Peter Hamby, Snapchat‘s head of news, and Scott Conroy, co-author of Sarah Palin‘s biography Sarah From Alaska, wrote the pilot and created the series. 

Embeds is scheduled to premiere by Election Day and will debut on go90’s comedy-centric Seriously.TV channel. But could this scripted series really match the increasingly bizarre reality of our current election? 

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