Judge Judy was on ‘Curb’ last night, and we can’t get enough

Screenshot via doug3465_/YouTube

Two icons, one ficus.

Two iconic TV worlds overlapped this weekend when Judge Judy made an appearance on Sunday night’s episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

You see, Larry David suspected his neighbor of stealing his ficus plant, so he did what you might expect him to do under those circumstances and sued her for trespassing. On daytime TV. In Judge Judy Sheindlin’s courtroom.

Don’t worry, though, the neighbor counter-sued him for full custody of the ficus (citing plant abuse). America’s longest-running reality court judge was a little short on patience with the whole debacle, as you might imagine:

Curb has returned for its ninth season to wobbly reception after a six-year hiatus, but truly absurd moments like this are a reminder of what made the show huge in the first place.

This isn’t Judge Judy’s only brush with the comedy world recently. Earlier this year, Amy Schumer made headlines for being in the studio audience of a Judge Judy taping.

Christine Friar

Christine Friar

Christine Friar is a writer and editor in New York who focuses on streaming entertainment and internet culture. Her work has appeared in the Awl, the Fader, New York Magazine, Paper Magazine, Vogue, Elle, and more.