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Rejoice: John Cleese has a YouTube channel

‘I’m still alive.’


Audra Schroeder


John Cleese is ready for you to “waste your time on fresh, new Cleese content.” 

On July 28, the Monty Python star announced that yes, he’s still alive (perhaps a nod to Terry Gilliam’s premature death hoax) and that he’s come to YouTube to “rant” about his fellow Python associates and show us pictures of cats. His intern set up the channel for him as one of his latest revenue scams, and he couldn’t be more excited. He offers an intro for those who might not be familiar with his work: 

“I’m John Cleese and I’m famous for complaining about parrots and reciting Russian in the nude, suffering mere flesh wounds…” 

That fresh, new Cleese content is already popping. He released a video about a new religion he’s started, and a star called Regella. There’s also his take on the long-winded British explorer character, which isn’t as strong, but hey, he’s just starting out. 

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