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This Jason Mraz fan just upstaged Jason Mraz

He was invited up for his shaker. He brought so much more.


Rae Votta


Jason Mraz concerts have a communal feel, but an audience member became an unexpected part of the show at a recent tour stop in Taipei that surprised even the singer-songwriter.

Mraz noticed a young man in the audience who’d brought along his own shaker and was playing along with his acoustic set. Mraz decided to pull the man up on stage to accompany him there (“you’re probably annoying all the people around you, so come up here”), but the fan, named Stan, had bigger plans in store.

Stan didn’t just play the shaker; he began harmonizing beautifully with Mraz on “Be Honest.” Mraz keeps eyeing him with disbelief, and then steps back and lets Stan sing even more as they end up in an unplanned duet.

This is far from the first time a musician has discovered budding talent in their audience. Earlier this year Jay Z let a 12-year-old fan rap on stage with him, and he stole the show.  Michael Bublé memorably invited a 15-year-old boy on stage during a documentary taping at his mom’s urging, and got so excited that the teen could sing that he lifted him in the air. And who could forget this beautiful duet from Kristin Chenoweth and (of course) a vocal instructor?

Maybe Mraz should maybe look into booking an extra backup singer for the rest of his tour.

H/T Reddit | Screengrab via Sandy77ijj/YouTube

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