How Ridiculous La-Z-Boy trampoline

How Ridiculous/YouTube

YouTubers drop a La-Z-Boy off a 150-foot tower to see if it would destroy a trampoline

Can the trampoline survive?


Josh Katzowitz


The How Ridiculous YouTube channel is doing its best to destroy a trampoline that seems to be indestructible. A bowling ball from 150 feet up in the air barely made a dent in the trampoline, and a 60-pound ice block from the same height also failed to damage the contraption.

But what about a large piece of furniture? Could that finally decimate the trampoline the Australian YouTubers have tried so hard to destroy?

The video below spills the details. First, the YouTube stars bounced a kettlebell, a car tire, a bike, and an anvil off the tower and onto the trampoline. And then it was time to hurl the La-Z-Boy recliner off the platform to see what would happen.

The trampoline had been a real warrior throughout its time in the spotlight on the How Ridiculous channel. But the kettlebell started the damage, and by the time, the YouTubers launched the recliner off the tower, the trampoline was too tired and weary to withstand the pressure.

As is always the case with these YouTubers, the stunt was pretty ridiculous—and loads of fun to watch.

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