‘Honest Trailers’ roasts fellow nominees with Emmys edition

It’s Emmy season, which means the Screen Junkies are going outside their comfort zone of film to give an honest assessment of the TV shows up for the big prizes this year.

The Emmy-nominated Honest Trailers series switched gears to poke fun the comedy and drama nominees for this year’s awards. (It won’t compete against them in the short form category, naturally.) From Homeland to Veep, Honest Trailers gives abbreviated versions of its typically biting commentary to all the TV series up for an award this year.

Of course, the whole thing is really an ad for Honest Trailers‘ own Emmy campaign, joking that voters should remember to fill out their ballot “for the short-form variety series that’s honest enough to pander directly to you, while hopefully not pissing you off too much.”

Well played, Screen Junkies.

Rae Votta

Rae Votta

A former YouTube reporter for the Daily Dot, Rae Votta has more than a decade of experience in the digital and entertainment industries. Her work has appeared on AOL, Huffington Post, Out Magazine, Logo, VH1, Current TV, Billboard, and NYMag. She joined Netflix in 2016.