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Herman Cain launches online video network

The former presidential candidate's new CainTV network is off to an awkward start, although it's getting positive reviews from supporters.


Justin Franz


Posted on Jul 4, 2012   Updated on Jun 2, 2021, 2:54 pm CDT

Herman Cain launched his online TV network, CainTV, on July 4, and so far it has gotten a steady stream of viewers thanks to promotional efforts on Facebook. But even if people are watching and commenting, it doesn’t mean the channel makes a lot of sense.

The new network is fashioned after Glenn Beck’s GBTV but, as TVNEWSER pointed out, the former Fox News host had a signature program to anchor the network. CainTV, on the other hand, only has an awkward assortment of Internet videos, a sample of which can be seen in the trailer.

Of course, Cain is no stranger to questionable videos. His best-known video featured his 2012 campaign manager talking up the candidate and then taking a long drag on a cigarette. The video got quite the reaction.

But Cain might have just outdone himself on Wednesday morning, as the first programs were rolled out at Cain hosts a show called “We Are Not Stupid” and the first episode compares liberty to a well-armed lamb, wrapping up with Cain yelling “give a lamb a gun!”

Although CainTV doesn’t post view counts for each episode, the video racked up 48 comments in its first few hours. Most of the commenters seemed to approve.

“This is awesome. Completely crazy. But awesome,” wrote James.

Not all of CainTV’s shows got the same positive reception. “KIVI” is supposed to be the network’s comedy aspect, and the first episode, “Make Fun of Everybody,” delivers on its title. Host Kivi Rogers makes fun of racial stereotypes in a way that borders on racist and may have gained a laugh decades ago. Some commenters were not amused.

“Hey, remember when comedians actually told jokes that made people laugh? Apparently this guy doesn’t,” wrote Ross.

What the future holds for the network, how often it will post new content, and whetherit will take off in popularity have yet to be seen. On Facebook, CainTV gained about 500 new fans in the 24 hours leading up to the launch, giving it a total of 1,465 likes.

One thing is for sure: is the best source on the Internet for absurd content from Herman Cain.

Photo via CainTV

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*First Published: Jul 4, 2012, 2:34 pm CDT