Herman Cain

Herman Cain, who died of coronavirus, said coronavirus isn’t ‘deadly’—after he died

His team should really rethink using his account.

On Aug 31, 2020 by David Covucci

Herman Cain

Herman Cain posts anti-Biden tweet 2 weeks after death

Who needs a corporeal form to tweet?

On Aug 13, 2020 by David Covucci

'Support Patio Pizza and its wonderful owner, Guy Caligiuri, in St. James, Long Island (N.Y.). Great Pizza!!! @Varneyco' tweet over Patio Pizza storefront

Did this Trump pizza tweet troll Herman Cain in death?

QAnon conspiracy theorists went into Galaxy Brain mode amid a Jeffrey Epstein connection.

On Jul 30, 2020 by David Covucci

Herman Cain Coronavirus

Herman Cain diagnosed with COVID-19 days after attending Trump rally

A photo of Cain not wearing a mask or social distancing at the rally circulated online.

On Jul 2, 2020 by Claire Goforth

Trump national debt

Trump’s tweet on the national debt came from Fox News, but it isn’t the entire story

It's not his budget, for one.

On Feb 25, 2017 by Samantha Grasso

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Herman Cain is hawking erection pills now

Cain, former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, isn't just a politician—he's a business, man. Looks like he’s pushing a new business idea. 

On Jul 19, 2013 by Audra Schroeder

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The 2012 election in controversial YouTube videos

As the 2012 election season wraps up, we look back at the fascinating (and sometimes ill-advised) YouTube videos that defined the race for the Presidency.

On Oct 30, 2012 by Justin Franz

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Herman Cain launches online video network

The former presidential candidate's new CainTV network is off to an awkward start, although it's getting positive reviews from supporters.

On Jul 4, 2012 by Justin Franz

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The power of YouTube in the 2012 election

Token Libertarian Girl, Southern Avenger’s Jack Hunter, and Obama Girl discuss how YouTube is changing the discourse of modern politics.     

On Jun 29, 2012 by Michelle Jaworski

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Herman Cain cries YouTube censorship

It's more likely that the community objected to an exploding rabbit in Herman Cain's video than it is that anyone censored him.

On Mar 26, 2012 by Fruzsina Eördögh

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Herman Cain continues to bewilder on YouTube

He may no longer be seeking the GOP presidential nomination, but Herman Cain just released another  baffling, oddly cinematic YouTube video. 

On Mar 2, 2012 by Justin Franz

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Whither their Twitters: Two responses from former presidential candidates

Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain have different social-media strategies after their failed candidacies.

On Jan 12, 2012 by Justin Franz

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2011’s campaign ads: The more you see, the less you like them

Political videos from the likes of Rick Perry and Barack Obama are going viral for all the wrong reasons.

On Dec 16, 2011 by Justin Franz

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“Strong” dislike for Rick Perry’s new ad video

In a recent poll conducted by the Daily Dot, the Texas governor is winning the most disliked presidential campaign video for 2012 in a landslide. 

On Dec 8, 2011 by Justin Franz

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Facebook Primary: Gingrich soaring, Cain stalling, and Bachmann falling

Michele Bachmann's viral video from last week appears to have negatively affected her Facebook following, while frontrunner Newt Gingrich continues to gain support. 

On Dec 6, 2011 by Justin Franz