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Donald Trump called into ‘The Late Show’ and it was surreal

He can’t appear in-studiom but he’s got enough time to chat about making America great again.


Michelle Jaworski


The Donald Trump TV call-in has become a staple of the 24-hour news circus, but now Trump is bringing it to late-night.

Instead of returning to The Late Show couch, Trump called into Stephen Colbert’s special “Trump Phone,” an orange rotary phone with a blond wig to keep it warm, while taking a short break from campaigning in South Carolina. Like every other host on late-night TV, Colbert has been mocking him on a daily basis, but he mostly kept this conversation light as he grilled Trump on his potty mouth, his plans to charm South Carolina, and most importantly, what he was wearing.

Trump told Colbert that the words the host was not allowed to say on TV without being censored were “very minor words” and that sometimes he was bleeped even after he self-censored. And when asked how he’d handle the task of choosing a Supreme Court Justice during an election year, Trump revealed that he would do it even though he believes it’s the Senate’s right to stop him.

“So you would let someone tell you what to do?” Colbert asked. “This is sounding less like Donald Trump.”

Screengrab via The Late Show with Stephen Colbert/YouTube

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