dj khaled lyft

Screengrab via Lyft/YouTube

All he had to do is take his sunglasses off!

In a continuing effort to push his brand-friendly major keys on an inspiration-starved public, DJ Khaled recently posed as a Lyft driver. 

The producer/rapper/motivational Snapchatter went “undercover” for the ride-hailing company in New York City, and while some passengers didn’t immediately recognize him, he got to advertise his major keys, over and over, until they did. 

“Who are your favorite moguls you’re inspired by?” he asks one, quickly following up with: “What about DJ Khaled?”

It’s smart of Lyft to partner with Khaled for this promotional spot, as they have with Shaq and Demi Lovato, but they could have at least made it a little more realistic. As Uproxx points out, they’re all getting in the front seat.   

H/T Uproxx 

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