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Chrissy Teigen wants us to stop writing about her epic clapbacks

The queen of funny tweets goes meta—and we feel personally victimized.


Christine Friar


Model Chriss Teigen kindly asked her more than 10 million Twitter followers to please stop writing articles about her tweets Monday evening. There’s a twist, though: She asked them via a tweet.

It’s a pop cultural chicken-or-egg scenario for the oftentimes funny celebrity, and it’s one she’ll probably end up on the losing side of for now. Teigen, who is pregnant and due sometime in June, has a little more time on her hands lately to engage with her fans online. This also means that she’s probably generating more headlines than she’s used to, as she jokes around with her friends, fields fan questions, and replies to viral BS. So Monday night she decided to politely ask journalists to cool it with the coverage.

“If I had my choice, not a single story would ever be written about any tweets of mine,” she said. “They make people (me) seem like… the most annoying people. The ‘clapback’ wasn’t ‘epic,’ it was just a f*ccccccccking tweet — just please stop with these stupid words.”

Honestly, it sounds like Teigen’s real gripe is with clicky language and repetitive headlines, not the actual idea of media covering her tweets in general, which, fair. Then again, headlines have been bombastic clickbait for more than 100 years. They exist to sell the story and get readers in the door.

“Don’t get me wrong. I love journalists an [sic] I understand the interest,” she continued. “But can we stop with saying every tweet be EPIC or HILARIOUS or SHOCKING… ok end rant.”

Orange Is the New Black star Ruby Rose replied saying she shared Teigen’s frustration, but for the time being, it’s safe to say these celebs will keep getting written about as long as they’re publishing content online.

Forgive us, Chrissy! The tweets are too good!

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