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Chrissy Teigen offers Kim Kardashian her air mattress after Kanye’s tweets

‘Might need some more for the kids?’


Christine Friar


It didn’t take long for Kanye West‘s return to Twitter to start generating comedy.

Tuesday afternoon, the Grammy-winner tweeted that “sometimes you have to get rid of everything”—likely referring to his recently-deleted Twitter archive. But his wife (and mother of his three kids) Kim Kardashian couldn’t help but wonder how far that “everything” advice actually extended.

“Wait…EVERYTHING?!?!?!” she joked late Tuesday night.

Luckily, Kardashian’s friend Chrissy Teigen was prepared with a backup plan: an air mattress on the floor in the house she shares with husband John Legend.

Clearly, both these ladies have plenty of non-air mattress options if it really came down to it, but it’s a fun scenario to envision anyway.

“Might need some more for the kids?” Kardashian joked.

They should still try it just for a night, tbh. And maybe film it for TV.

A little later in the evening, Kardashian killed the bit by clarifying once and for all that she was not actually worried that her husband was abandoning her.

“Please know my tweets are a joke and I will die laughing,” she wrote.

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