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Obama gets some much-needed help on his résumé from Stephen Colbert

He has a lot of tweaking to do.


Michelle Jaworski


With only a few months left in the White House, Michelle Obama has already started preparing for her next venture. Now it’s President Obama’s turn to update his résumé—with a little help from Stephen Colbert.

Obama may not have been promoted over the past eight years—“Honestly, there wasn’t a lot of room for advancement in my last job”—but he’s able to list off his accomplishments and achievements easily. As for how they sound on a résumé? Well, Obama and Colbert find plenty of euphemisms and minor fibbing to list them in a more digestible way while also encouraging people to vote.

While Colbert didn’t put Obama on the spot about who he’s voting for in November in the mock interview, Obama did say he’d prefer a well-traveled, extra fiber nutrient bar over a shriveled tangerine covered in golden retriever hair and filled with bile any day. Wouldn’t we all?

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