Michelle Obama says she’s ‘straight up nailing’ her First Lady gig in new sketch

First Lady Michelle Obama only has a few more months in the White House, but she’s already planning for her post-White House life.

Teaming up with The Bachelor host Chris Harrison and CollegeHumor, she stars in a new sketch aimed to show how easy it is to apply for federal student aid with FAFSA. In the game-show-themed video, a contestant makes Obama her “lifeline,” and when she reaches out, it seems the First Lady is busy updating her resume.

Some resume highlights? Editing her skills to read “Best Public Speaker” and stating that she’s “been straight up nailing” her job as the First Lady for the past eight years (not to mention the actual professional achievements she can list). She even remembers that she has to change her address.


H/T People

Michelle Jaworski

Michelle Jaworski

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