Zac Efron falls over doing ‘Baywatch’ run, becomes Internet’s newest meme

zac efron instagram meme baywatch

Screengrab via Zac Efron/Instagram

I’ll be there. Whenever you meme me.

Hapless pretty boy Zac Efron is set to costar in a film adaptation of Baywatch. He’s pretty excited about bringing the quintessential ’90s show to the big screen—so excited that he’s posted several selfies of him after a slo-mo beach-running sequence on Instagram.

Like this one, for example, where he totally ate shit mid-run:

Efron’s tuck and roll brought out quite a few skeptics. Many people assumed that the star was pulling the awkward card in order to better connect with his fans while also unleashing some sweet tumbling moves.

Most people didn’t give a flying fuck about his motives, though. They just wanted some dank memes.

Reddit‘s r/photoshopbattles was happy to please in that department. Here’s a whole new movie (or two) born out of the heartthrob’s battle with the ground.

And don’t forget Efron’s brief foray into sports entertainment. They don’t call it the small package for nothin’, folks.

Dude should probably throw in the towel on this one—or the cardboard.

As of this writing, Efron has yet to address just how much of a meme he’s become. He’s undoubtedly loving the hell out of it. With the mad cash he’s making and the chiseled physique he’s required to have for his Baywatch role, dude is stacked in more ways than one.

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