it's hot

“What the f**k do I need to put this on? Power Ranger?”

Anyone who thinks global warming is a myth, look no further than this YouTuber who measured the temperature inside at “91,000 damn degrees.”

The unnamed lady in the video below wants everyone on YouTube to know how hot it is and how little she cares for the scorching temperatures. 

She complains to anyone who’ll listen, which, given how hilarious the video is, should be everyone. 

“I am sitting right next to my air conditioner. Right next to it. It is on the lowest temperature on the highest damn speed. 64 degrees and it’s on turbo. What the f**k do I need to put this bitch on? Power Ranger?”

Wait, what?

The culprit behind this blistering heat is the Man—or Woman—Above.

Sorry, God, but you’re off the job. Put Moses in charge of controlling the weather. That guy spent 40 years wandering through the desert; he knows what feeling the sizzle is like.

Someone needs to give this woman a better air conditioner lest she murders somebody.

Photo via LeBron James/YouTube

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