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12 of the most WTF Christmas videos on YouTube

The holidays are an insane time of year. YouTube proves it.


Mike Fenn

Internet Culture

Posted on Dec 21, 2014   Updated on May 29, 2021, 10:31 pm CDT

Season’s greetings! For the 2012 and 2013 holiday seasons, I reached deep into my sack of WTF YouTube videos to deliver the strangest, creepiest ways YouTube users have opted to mark the annual Christmas season. So why should 2014 be any different?

Sit back, scarf down a more-than-generous helping of eggnog, and enjoy what is perhaps the greatest gift of all: that you are not one of the people responsible for the videos you are about to see.

1) Jingle Cats, “Meowy Navidad” 

We can’t have an Internet-themed WTF holiday list without a Jingle Cats entry. In “Meowy Navidad,” YouTube’s most terrifying felines cover “Feliz Navidad”—and there is no shortage of stereotypes!

2) Three Stooges, “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas”

The Three Stooges were the kings of slapstick comedy. Once they aged (and, in some cases, died) toward the mid-20th century, they lost their luster. A perfect example of them trying—and failing—to cash in on their former glory is this cover of “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.” Proof positive that Moe, Larry, and Curly weren’t cut out for singing, this cover will have you desperately longing for the version sung by that insufferable brat.

3) Show Your Joe 

During the 2013 holiday shopping season, Kmart had a unique way to promote its line of Joe Boxer-brand boxer shorts. You’ll never listen to “Deck the Halls” again without thinking of this ad.

4) Even Santa poops 

This ad for the British product PooPourri spent most of December making the rounds on Facebook. It isn’t often that you see Kris Kringle on a completely different throne, producing his very own Yule Log.

5) Vintage Lucky Strike Christmas commercial

In this classic commercial from the ’50s, back when it was still legal for cigarette companies to advertise on television, the Lucky Strike corporation demonstrates why their brand of tobacco products make the perfect smelly Christmas gift.

6) Sherlock and John, “All I Want for Christmas”

Shipping Sherlock and John from the hit series Sherlock is nothing new; their onscreen bromance was established from the very first episode. As a cover of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” plays, a collection of hilariously edited shots of the two men reveals that the best gift is your intelligent, quirky buddy.

7) Santa Claus supports the 2nd Amendment

When he’s not delivering toys on Christmas Eve, what does Santa Claus do during the rest of the year? According to one YouTube user, he is an avid firearm fan, firing away at various wooden holiday props. This video is all the reason you need to stay off of Santa’s “naughty” list.

(Sorry, this embed was not found.)

8) Jan Terri, “Rock and Roll Santa”

When her homemade music videos surfaced several years ago on YouTube, Jan Terri turned into a bonafide star. Everything from her atrocious singing to lackluster production values made her a cult favorite. One of the best examples of her work is “Rock and Roll Santa,” which combines her trademark video shoots with footage lifted from Rankin/Bass holiday specials.

9) Extremely authentic Nativity reenactment

Live reenactments of the Nativity are all well and good, but people in one church learned that the magic is lost when live animals join the human cast.

10) DoctorLegua Bugs Bunny Christmas

Watch as an extremely creepy Bugs Bunny—who for some reason cannot shut his mouth—defies the laws of physics and gravity as he wishes you a happy holiday. It will make you go right for the eggnog.

11) A special Christmas message from Hulk Hogan

While the Hulkster may not have released an official holiday message to his fans, that didn’t stop one YouTube user from making it happen anyway. This is the perfect video to share with that wrestling fan in your life whose friendship you really don’t cherish.

12) A brony Christmas with Fluttershy

Yes, even the brony community celebrates Christmas. This self-professed brony celebrates what appears to be the loneliest holiday ever with an animated Fluttershy preferring sleep over associating with him.

Screengrab via tnoutdoors9/YouTube

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*First Published: Dec 21, 2014, 6:20 pm CST