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Get 12 bottles of wine delivered to your doorstep right now

Live that bougie life from home with personalized recommendations.


Lauren Forgione

Internet Culture

If you’ve found yourself missing the bougie life of swishing and sniffing curated wines at your local tasting room, you’re not alone. The proof is in the wine aisle of the grocery store, where there’s always at least three people trying to figure out what to buy. So why not let the experts take the reins? Winc Wine Delivery curates a selection based on your personal taste and delivers it to your door, and it’s currently offering a $155 credit toward your first order.

Are buttery whites your thing, or maybe an earthy red? Tell it to the Winc team and they’ll curate a batch of 12 bottles, just to your taste, and deliver them to your door. The company was founded back in 2012 under the belief that wine should be simple to buy and easy to enjoy. That’s why the process starts with taking a quick Palate Profile Quiz, which will give you personalized bottle recommendations that can introduce you to new grapes and complementary flavor profiles within your requested palate. 

In addition to the popular red, white, and rosé options, Winc also has a line of vegan wines. That’s right, not all wines are vegan. Several techniques that are used to produce wine actually incorporate animal by-products. So if that vegan life is important to you, Winc can help you easily identify which wines fit your taste and lifestyle. 

Stock up for the next Zoom happy hour, or just Tuesday. For a limited time, Winc Wine Delivery is offering a $155 credit toward your first 12-bottle delivery for just $93.99. That’s over $60 off personalized wine recommendations, expertly-curated, and delivered to your door. Get a taste of that bougie life again with Winc, and score extra points for making the slurping noise like a pro.  

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