A black hoodie that has 'White Boy Summer' written on it.


Chet Hanks released merch for ‘White Boy Summer’—and it’s getting dragged

'Wearing my white boy summer merch to divorce court :)'


Siobhan Ball

Internet Culture

Published Mar 30, 2021   Updated Apr 1, 2021, 2:27 pm CDT

As if the very concept of “White Boy Summer” wasn’t embarrassing enough, now there’s merch to go with it. Despite the scathing response to Chet Hanks’ vision, there were some white boys who got really excited about it, and even asked when Hanks would be supplying them with merch so they could let the whole world know that they’d signed on to his fantasy. Sadly for everyone, Hanks has delivered with some of the ugliest and most uninspired designs around.

While some White Boy Summer fans did seem excited about the merch, others found the clothing collection a little uncomfortable. Hanks’ collection includes a hoodie, T-shirt, tank top, shorts, and hat—all available in only black or white. There are also a couple of women’s items in the shop: biker shorts and leggings. All the items include the phrase “White Boy Summer” in a Gothic font.

Unfortunately the White Boy Summer merch is just a tad beyond the threshold of “looking really racist” so despite knowing that’s not the intention, I will not be donning any $75 sweatshirts that could get my ass kicked this summer. Thanks for listening
wearing my white boy summer merch to divorce court :)
Anxiously awaiting the official White Boy Summer merch to get picked up by actual racists and ruin it all.

Those who weren’t fans of White Boy Summer to begin with have been less polite in their commentary on the collection, with some labeling the font “Hitler” or “Nazi punk”.

man why’d they choose the hitler font for that white boy summer merch
absolutely deceased at chet picking that nazi punk font for the white boy summer merch
The blackletter font makes it look like official aryan brotherhood swag

Even though the font choice is more likely to be a case of cultural appropriation from L.A. Hip Hop culture, given Hanks’ embarrassing history in that area, it does bear an unfortunate resemblance to Stormfront and similar groups’ aesthetics. Which is an unfortunate choice given the whole whiteness element of it, despite Hanks’ repeated insistence that White Boy Summer isn’t about white supremacy.

maybe there was a way to print white boy summer merch that didn’t look like nazi gang memorabilia but to be fair its hard to say for sure
ya’ll shocked “white boy summer” merch looks racist? maga boys definitely buying this shit in bulk
if i see anybody wearing this i am calling the police.

Making things even worse is Hanks’ bizarre announcement that, because you can’t be a “real vanilla king without a Black queen,” he will be following up his White Boy Summer collection with a line of “Black Queen Summer” merchandise. Because there’s nothing more woke than fetishization.

At least people are getting a laugh out of dragging the clothing collection, which at this point seems like all you can ask from 2021.

wearing my white boy summer merch to divorce court :)
summer trend alert: people getting their ass kicked in public for wearing chet hanks' 'white boy summer' merch
robbing the first mf i see in white boy summer merch
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*First Published: Mar 30, 2021, 3:49 pm CDT