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Prepare to be surprised.

Hi there. My name is Miles Klee, and my hobbies include straight whiskey, dental floss, oyster, vulture, and anarchism.


That’s according to my ad preferences on Facebook, anyway. The social media network explains that they “show you ads based on things we think you care about. Your preferences include information from your profile as well as actions you take on and off Facebook.”

Yet as hard as Mark Zuckerberg and company have tried to figure out all your personal preferences—and as often as they nail them—some of Facebook’s ad targeting seems a bit… wide of the mark.

Want to see what Facebook’s got on you? Click right here. It’s also worth noting that you can delete any topics you don’t like.

And if these lists don’t shed any light on the commercial content you’ve been seeing lately, it’s always worth asking about the specific ad itself.

Isn’t capitalism the best?

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