Morbidly obese cat named Cinderblock goes viral for refusing to exercise

The internet is rooting for a morbidly obese cat, named Cinderblock, who just doesn’t feel like working out.

To help shed some weight, the hefty, gray feline was taken to a vet and placed on a weight reduction program that includes an underwater treadmill. But this clever kitty used the least amount of effort to get the job done. 

In a clip uploaded by the vet, Cinderblock, who is carrying an extra 10 pounds of body weight, manages to remain stationary at the edge of the treadmill while using one of her paws to keep it moving. 

“You working out?” the vet coos. Cinderblock responds with a very loud and unhappy meow we think everyone who has frequented a gym can relate to. 

“Oh, good girl,” the vet responds. “That’s good work.”

The veterinary hospital explained on Facebook that the water “provides a reduced weight-bearing environment that increases functional use of limbs without marked weight loading and resultant discomfort to joints.” The hospital started with a low water level to get Cinderblock used to it and will gradually raise it the more she uses it. The extra fluffy cat was relinquished to Northshore Veterinary Hospital last week, it said. 

Eventually, the hospital added, Cinderblock began exercising a bit more, but not before the internet agreed that, to be honest, we’re all Cinderblock.

“Cinderblock is me lifting my 5lb weights like ‘OKAY IM TRYING,’” Twitter user @JessiSheron wrote.

Cinderblock is also inspiring plenty of users to become their best selves—and has tons of weight loss inspiration coming her way. 

We’re rooting for you, Cinderblock.


Alexandra Samuels

Alexandra Samuels

Alexandra Samuels is a political reporter at the Texas Tribune and contributor to the Daily Dot, where she started as an intern covering politics in the summer of 2016. She enjoys Marvel movies, baking, and reading murder-mystery novels.