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Vin Diesel hawking toys in a leather vest is the essence of 1994

Even then, Vin Diesel was intense.


Josh Katzowitz

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Vin Diesel might be the baddest of the badass, particularly if you like movies with speeding cars and dialogue along the lines of “Ride or die, remember.” And though you might know him from such films as the Fast and Furious series, The Chronicles of Riddick, and XXX, Diesel might surprise you with his ability as a salesman (though if you’ve seen Boiler Room, you probably already know of his talents in that department).

In any case, let us introduce you to the 1994 version of Vin Diesel, who is trying with all of his considerable might to hawk toys at a toy fair. It’s all so very perfect—the leather vest covering his bare torso, the enormous shark tooth necklace, the terrible lighting, and… wait a minute, does he say “Vin-tastic” at the 0:56 mark? Or is this just a beautiful dream? 

Anyway, this isn’t simply Vin Diesel from 1994. This is 1994.

I don’t know who Boomer is, and I don’t much care if he’s round or a mound (or if he can pound). What I do care about is seeing the passion that Diesel brings to this pitch (and the leather vest, of course). It’s sort of like the excitement he produces for this 1980s break-dancing video.

So, now we’ve seen 1980s Vin Diesel, mid-1990s Vin Diesel, and everything that came after. If somebody could find some 1970s Vin Diesel online—maybe modeling some bell bottoms—the world would forever be grateful.

H/T USA Today | Screengrab via tvdays/YouTube

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