Photo via OfficialNala/Twitter

She may be little, but she packs a punch.

If you’re going to conquer the Westeros, you couldn’t ask for a better adviser than Tyrion Lannister. 

Only Frodo and Sam could destroy the One True Ring in the fires of Mount Doom. 

And, guys, check out how strong these babies are.

The point is, never underestimate the power of the pint-sized. Take, for instance, this hedgehog, better known as Nala to her followers on Instagram and Twitter. The might of its epic victory salute cannot be denied (even if her owner, Taylor Dean, initially “thought it looked just like she was stretching”).

That’s why Reddit decided it need its own photoshop battle. Prepare to get pumped as fuck. “It was amazing on my end to experience such a joyous response from millions of people over one simple picture of my pet,” Dean told the Daily Dot. “I loved Nala, and I’ve always loved making people happy. So the fact that I could use what I love to make other people feel so good, was an amazing experience.”

What better way to start then with a good ol’ dose of American pride? Double Pump Up!

Here she is kicking some ass in Street Fighter.

And Super Mario.

Although this makes more sense.

Here she is winning big in Vegas.

And is it any surprise she has mad dance skills?

Or lofty aspirations? 

She’s even willing to sacrifice herself for the good of humanity. 

Sorry, that one was kinda sad, but don’t worry—here she is in her most powerful form yet.

If you aren’t sufficiently pumped enough, you can check Reddit for the full Photoshop battle. Dean’s personal favorite is this Lion King mashup that paid homage to Nala’s origin story before most of the internet knew that was her name.

Stay strong, friends.

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