8 of the worst attempts to ever hide a delivery box

bad package delivery

Here’s hoping these packages didn’t contain anything valuable. 

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Picture this: you purchased a brand new TV, but when UPS delivers it you are not at home so the delivery man hides your package so people passing by don’t see it. The problem is that they place it under a welcome mat where it’s pretty much in plain view or worse, in agarbage can where it could get thrown away.

OK, we get that they mean well, but these are SERIOUSLY the worst attempts at hiding packages.

The delivery man could have turned the mat around:

No one will ever see these boxes:

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Photo via rariroro/Imgur

At least the packages are neatly stacked: 

Way to utilize everything on the front porch!

An excellent use of something other than a doormat:

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Photo via SpokeyDokey_/Reddit

C’mon bro, you didn’t even try…

What happens when the mat is the same size as the box? THIS:

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6/10 for your attempt Mr. Delivery Man: