This ‘unhappy birthday song’ takes the cake

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Does the idea of an office surprise party make your fists clench?

Does a feeling of dread creep over you when it’s your birthday? Does the idea of an office surprise party make your fists clench? L.A. sketch comedy troupe Extremely Decent feels your pain, and translated it to video.

“An Unhappy Birthday Song” documents the slow-motion crush of birthday song brutality, and brings up questions we all silently debate when ambushed: Where do we look? Do all your co-workers actually know your name? Do we smile? Really, Patrick? It also makes excellent use of the birthday suit.

There are a few comments from Comediocracy, another sketch troupe, claiming they did this same sketch back in July. You can check them both out for comparison, but this might just prove the awkward birthday situation can be mined from many different angles.

Screengrab via Extremely Decent/YouTube

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