Tiktok influencers who live in the U.K. TikTok house


The first U.K. TikTok house opens during the global pandemic

It’s a place for teen influencers to create TikToks together under one roof.


Brooke Sjoberg

Internet Culture

Not even a global pandemic can stop TikTok creators from moving into a TikTok house, a large home where influencers flock to live under one roof.

Talent manager Fanbytes is carrying on the practice of the TikTok house, which was established with the Hype House in Los Angeles.

According to the BBC, Fanbytes has six popular U.K.-based creators living together to create TikToks. Ranging in age from 17 to 22, the creators are @Montykeats, @itslilyrose, @KTfranklin, @sebbbyjon, @surfaceldn, and @itzshauni.

The manager of the creators provides them weekly “care packages,” including food and other necessary items.

The TikTok house was planned at the beginning of the year, well in advance of the pandemic, and was completed before the U.K. went on lockdown on March 23. The creators were met with some resistance from their families, but the teens said they are using their time in the house to “help people stay home.”

“We’re doing daily live streams and other content, so followers have stuff to interact with while they stay indoors,” TikTok creator @Montykets told the BBC. “Seeing some of the reactions and comments is really encouraging.”

So far, the housemates have created sponsored content promoting brands and music. They have also posted coronavirus content, such as a video suggesting different things to do at home while under quarantine.

While the U.K. TikTok house hasn’t drawn a whole lot of criticism, as there are other things filling the news cycle, the reception hasn’t been completely positive.

“What is this fresh hell?” Twitter user @Potentia_Space wrote about the collaboration.




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