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Man who went viral for discovering hockey has even more fun at live game

Live playoff hockey is just the best.


Josh Katzowitz

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Two weeks ago, @soIoucity had never seen a hockey game. But after watching an exhilarating NHL playoff contest between the St. Louis Blues and Chicago Blackhawks late last month, he took to Twitter to express his satisfaction.

He went from asking questions about basic rules to offering interesting strategic ideas to lamenting how, in his words, “White people been hiding hockey from us for years bruh.”

This was his ultimate conclusion.

Fast forward to Tuesday, when Tony X.—whose real name is Anthony Holmes—attended his first hockey game. He was the Blues’ guest for their playoff matchup vs. the Dallas Stars, and he was pumped to be there.

“It’s been amazing, it’s kind of surreal,” Holmes told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “I still can’t believe it’s happening, even though it’s happening right now… I’ve taken more pictures tonight than I probably have in the last five years… It’s 10 times even more than what I thought it would be—you’re right here and you can feel the vibrations when they hit against the glass.”

Well, that’s probably because the Blues gifted him with second-row seats. But it doesn’t matter, because Holmes’ Twitter account caught fire as the game progressed.

And Holmes somehow couldn’t avoid both pleasing and displeasing his fans at the very same moment.

But most everybody who has watched hockey on TV and in person could tell you that watching it unfold directly in front of you is one of the most thrilling experiences in sports. So, when he was asked to reflect on his original conclusion—that “this shit lit as fuck”—Holmes didn’t need to alter his first statement.

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