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Woman tweets the amazing stuff her boyfriend says in his sleep

What’s with the apples?


Elijah Watson

Internet Culture

So, there’ a fantastic Twitter account where a young woman transcribes everything she hears her boyfriend say in his sleep. As you might guess, it all amounts to dreamworld weirdness that, when read separately and devoid of any meaningful context, is pretty hilarious. 

But what if we sequenced each tweet so it told an overarching story? Because, uh, that’s what we did. Yes, it’s just as strange as when the tweets weren’t in any particular order, but it definitely adds to the hilarity of it all (especially towards the end). We now give you, “Aw yisssssss mother f**king apples: a subconscious tale” by Sir Lord Dick Pat’s boyfriend.

Like we said, it gets even more bizarre toward the end.

What do you think—too soon to sell the movie rights? 

H/T Someecards | Photo via David Goehring/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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