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Sorry, Twitter, that Steve Ballmer Clippy joke is 3 years old

It looks like you're trying to make a bad joke. Would you like help with that?


Molly McHugh

Internet Culture

Posted on May 29, 2014   Updated on May 31, 2021, 5:38 am CDT

It’s been reported that former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, he of the “Developers! Developers! Developers!” fame, has purchased the Los Angeles Clippers for $2 billion from former owner and alleged racist Donald Sterling.

So now, before we go any further, I’ll remind you that Ballmer used to be the CEO of Microsoft. Microsoft is the creator of Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word used to have this tool called Clippy, an animated paperclip that told you how to use the software.

Clippy was obnoxious, and a smartass. Clippy mocked you. No one liked Clippy. Clippy infamy is a product of our residual hate of him.

I think you know where I’m going with this.

When the Internet sees an opportunity, we really just go for it.

LA Clippys

— Anthony De Rosa (@AntDeRosa) May 29, 2014

according to my sources, ballmer plans to rename them The Clippys.

— Elon Green (@elongreen) May 29, 2014

Steve Ballmer just bought Clippy for $2 bn. MT @WinObs “Now standby for all the LA Clippy jokes. Go ahead Internet – do your thing.”

— Sonu (@cspkcats) May 29, 2014

Introducing Clippy, the new mascot of the LA Clippers

— Kim Bhasin (@KimBhasin) May 29, 2014

Anyone else find it ironic that Ballmer is going to buy the Clippers….He must really be attached to clippy.

— Brad Sams (@bdsams) May 29, 2014

Steve Balmer buys the Clippers, the new mascot, “Clippy” will jump on the court and say “It looks like you’re trying to shoot a 3-pointer”,,

— Rocky Mountain Mike (@RockyMntnMike) May 29, 2014

For some reason, we all decided tonight was the night to really go for it with this Clippy joke… even though this news, joke included, broke earlier.

Clippy, not Clippers #Typo > MT @mashable: …Ballmer reportedly in talks to buy NBA Clippers

— Charlie Isaacs (@charlieisaacs) May 26, 2014

But wait. This goes way back.

Speaking of teams that would prob be better off under a Chris Hansen/Steve Ballmer ownership…just freaking wow….

— Akiem Bailum (@AkiemBailum) April 26, 2014

Way, way, way back.

Maybe Steve Ballmer can somehow trick Donald Sterling into selling the Clippers to him. Then he can move them back to Seattle…

— Steve Lawlis (@stevelawlis) January 26, 2011

Way to beat a dead horse, everyone. Actually, a 3-year-old dead horse.

Back to the drawing board!

UPDATE:  According to TMZ, Ballmer isn’t buying the Clippers. All above comments about the Clippy joke remain true. 

Photo via medigirol/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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*First Published: May 29, 2014, 7:29 pm CDT