Here’s the crushing spectrum of Tinder date emotions

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paul gale

We’re all swiping the tears away on Tinder. 

Comedian Paul Gale offered us a broken window into single life around Valentine’s Day. Now, as summer approaches, he’s taken on hookup culture in a time when we’re all swiping the tears away on Tinder.

We follow Gale the morning after a Tinder hookup, when he’s still in the throes of post-date ecstasy—that wonderful, warm and fuzzy place where you await a text from your hookup with the same anticipation of the season premiere of Orange Is the New Black. And then you get the text. And it has the dreaded “no emotion” emoticon and an “lol.”

Where do we turn after that? Well, back to Tinder, of course. Do you ever envision yourself as a skeleton, having perished in the process of Tinder-swiping on your couch, iPhone still in hand?

Screengrab via Paul Gale Comedy/YouTube

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