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Trump had the time of his life in a parked truck, and #TrumpTruck was born

Just like his healthcare act, #TrumpTruck is in park.


Lauren L'Amie

Internet Culture

As House Republicans postponed their highly anticipated, highly contested healthcare vote that was slated for tonight, President Donald Trump hopped into the front seat of a giant truck and honked its horn, remaining completely stationary.

The American Health Care Act, which only 17 percent of Americans support, may be stalled out but the #TrumpTruck meme is very much alive (and not necessarily well) on Twitter.

Just after the president’s antics were caught live on C-SPAN, the Twittersphere reacted accordingly.

The president of the United States, age 70, even got to keep a special souvenir.

Where is the Trump Truck going? Unlike the Trump Train, does it have the potential to go off the rails? Over the edge of a cliff? Into the ocean? Is it carrying MAGA merchandise or merely the collective weight of our country’s healthcare future on the seven-year anniversary of Obamacare.?

Cue one very longing and distressed “beep beep.”

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