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Trump implies Jesus loves him more than Obama with meme

But why does Jesus need four suitcases?


Eilish O'Sullivan

Internet Culture

Many Christians may say that Jesus loves everyone equally, but President Donald Trump might be thinking otherwise.

Trump retweeted a meme featuring the Lamb of God himself on Dec. 27.

In the meme, Jesus is portrayed holding four suitcases, and text that reads, “Obama kicked me out; Trump invited me back” is overlayed across it.

“There’s so much to be thankful for regarding our POTUS Trump! I truly believe this man was heaven sent in order to save and protect the most gracious, benevolent, and in turn, prosperous country ever. God bless him and his family,” the Twitter user who first posted the meme wrote.

Even though the tweet was posted nearly two years ago, Trump only recently dredged it up to tout it to his 68 million followers and express his gratitude.

“Thank you!” Trump wrote, quote-retweeting it.

Many found the tweet a bit ironic.

“Funny thing about that… I think Jesus would be disgusted by Trump’s actions. Not welcoming newcomers and refugees/aslyum seekers,” Twitter user @LordMarkiquad wrote, along with a Bible verse about not exploiting or mistreating refugees.

Another responded with a different Bible verse about “loving one another.”

“YOU. ARE. AGAINST. EVERY. THING. JESUS. EVER. TAUGHT,” Twitter user @LaciLou77 wrote.

As HuffPost points out, Trump may be trying to get back in the good graces of white evangelicals. In December, evangelical publication Christianity Today called for Trump’s removal from office for his “profoundly immoral” abuse of power and said he had a “blackened moral record.”

Besides Trump’s intent, the meme poses more pressing questions that beg to be answered. Why does Jesus need four suitcases? And what could possibly be in all those suitcases?


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