He didn’t win the game, but Brady’s trench coat won him some new fans.

Well, Super Bowl LII is over. The Eagles defeated the Patriots 41-33, and Philly has a lot of cleaning up to do today. But we still have some questions for Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Is he moonlighting as a spy? Is he auditioning for a new band? Is he the key to an internet conspiracy theory?

Before the game on Sunday, Brady arrived at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis wearing a snazzy gray trench coat (collar popped!) over a black turtleneck. He completed the look with a pair of dark sunglasses and earphones. Video footage of Brady in his ensemble was soon turned into a meme.

The internet thought that Brady was dressed like a ventriloquist.

Or David Bowie.

Or a James Bond villain.

Or Jason Bourne’s assassin.

There were several “kids in a trench coat” jokes.

People also guessed what Brady was listening to in his earphones. Interpol, maybe?

But here is the most interesting theory: what if Tom Brady is also fake Melania Trump?

There’s the trench coats, the sunglasses, and the stoic expressions. It all checks out!

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