Finally, a workout video that lets you pretend you’re cleaning your toilet

If you’re anything like me, the one thing that’s been keeping you from the gym is the lack of references to your toilet.

Thankfully, Reddit’s r/videos has found a 2010 gem of a workout video that solves that problem.

Meet “Bamercise,” full of potty humor like “Tuck the tum, get rid of the scum!” and “Bend into it with that front leg! Get rid of the stains!” The routine was an interesting marketing concept by the Easy Off Bam! company of cleaning products.

The best part of that video is how the other participants all wear looks that say “Am I seriously doing this with my life?”

“I honestly think I would resort to prostitution instead of appearing in something like this…” redditor RocketQ said.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), it doesn’t end there. Bamercise is rather prevalent.

While no doubt bizarre, it is far from the oddest exercise video out there. That prize would probably have to go to a workout involving people dressed as poodles.

Screengrab via Randy Gandy/YouTube

Mike Fenn

Mike Fenn

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