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This touchscreen-era toddler just can’t figure out the classic Gameboy

Sadly, there were no touchscreens back then.


Chris Tognotti

Internet Culture

Even though technology can be downright amazing these days, sometimes a person can find themselves expecting too much. For example, what would happen when a kid born and raised in the touchscreen era was left to grapple with a decidedly retro gadget? A device chock full of fun, no doubt, but not the kind you can play with by simply tapping the glass?

Well, look no further than the following video, in which a little girl comes face to face with a Gameboy for the very first time, and she clearly doesn’t know what to make of it.

As shown above, the girl taps helplessly at the Gameboy screen, which is playing some sort of a yellow-colored cartridge―the classic Pokemon Yellow, perhaps?―before being asked if she’s figured it out. With that question, she turns on her heels and heads down the hallway, still tapping the Gameboy screen in vain.

It’s a good reminder just how far consumer technology has come that even with a directional pad and a pair of buttons, her instinct was to tap the screen. Hopefully she’s figured it out by now, though, because there are a lot of classic games to play.

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