The TL;DR Wikipedia is a glossary for the ultra-lazy


TL;DR Wikipedia pokes fun at explanatory journalism.


Here’s a brilliant new Tumblr that’s way too funny not to be the work of a professional: TL;DR Wikipedia, which makes fake, abbreviated Wikipedia entries that even the laziest reader has time to process.


The Tumblr’s card-like entries are similar to the cards used by explanatory journalism start-up Vox, albeit way less sophisticated. It’s less of a parody of Wikipedia and more of a joke on the trend towards providing super-short breakdowns of big topics.


TL;DR Wikipedia started in March, and it doesn’t look like it’ll run out of steam anytime soon. The Tumblr now accepts user submissions, so if you have a pithy, snarky definition, send it in.

H/T Gizmodo | Photo via Flickr/Kenneth Lu (CC BY 2.0)


Kate Knibbs

Kate Knibbs

Kate Knibbs is a notable tech reporter and pop culture essayist. A former staff writer for the Daily Dot, her work has appeared in Gizmodo, the Ringer, AV Club, Digital Trends, Popular Mechanics, and Time.