TikToker Shares Going Out Hack


‘I am 100% doing this’: TikToker shares ‘going out’ hack for picking the right outfit

‘You just gave me a really really bad new habit.’


Kathryn Cardin

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A popular TikToker recently revealed an ingenious tip for going out—or staying in, depending on the outcome. 

The user, @gracejohanna, says that she takes a video of herself before she goes out for the night in order to see how she’s “being perceived by others at the bar.”

Grace then does a comedic portrayal of a Sim, in which she orders a vodka soda, greets friends, and even talks a bit of trash, to see what she looks like doing each action. 

Upon reviewing the footage, Grace decides if she hates her outfit “enough to change it,” or hates herself “enough to just not go.”

The accuracy. 

Grace’s video has received 1.8 million views and 369,000 likes, with many commenters joking that they would be self-conscious if they tried the hack.

“Honestly it’s none of my business what I look like,” wrote @yamlil. 

“No one would ever see me again,” commented @kaseyotazu1. 

Others loved the idea and vowed to try it on their next night out.

“You just gave me a really really bad new habit,” @becccamooore wrote.

“That’s amazing I’ll be doing this,” another user commented.

“I am 100% doing this,” @summerrachelwarren said.

A handful of folks thought the hack was too much effort, saying people shouldn’t care about how they’re “perceived.”

“Omg please stop caring what other people think,” @tea.kurtzy wrote. “You are perfect!”

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