tiktok of mom making her baby 'disappear'


People worry about video of a TikTok mom making her baby ‘disappear’

'Wait is that ok for the baby just wondering.'


Sierra Juarez

Internet Culture

Posted on May 11, 2020

A TikTok of mother Megan Call “sucking in” her pregnant belly has gone viral, prompting concerns about the baby’s safety.

Call is TikTok famous for her videos playing with her first baby and explaining pregnancy, but her recent video in which she participated in the “baby bump challenge” had TikTok users raising their eyebrows.

“Wait is that ok for the baby just wondering,” one TikTok user asked in the comments.

The video shows Call’s husband pretending to pull a cork from her bellybutton. After that, there’s the sound of air coming out, and she sucks in her once-round stomach until it’s flat.

“The ultimate baby bump challenge,” she captioned the video.

It turns out that TikTok users have nothing to worry about. Apparently, the action of “sucking” in the baby is healthy, according to the Science Times. Experts told the news organization that the action actually moves the baby up into the rib cage.

Experts told Science Times that the move can strengthen a mother’s core, which will help them in the delivery room. Then, they said there are added benefits like reducing lower-back pain and preventing stretch marks and loose skin.

The TikTok mom has made it a point to teach people about the perks of “sucking” in a baby. She posted other TikToks of her belly rolling and doing other odd-looking movements that work out the inner core muscles.

She also posted a response video to the “hate” she received from “deflating” or “sucking” her baby in.

“Bc of all the hate, we pumped the belly back up,” she wrote on a video of her starting with a flat belly and slowly going back to her normal pregnant belly.


H/T Science Times

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*First Published: May 11, 2020, 7:52 am CDT