Texas town blasted for city hall statue of girls taking selfie

selfie statue

Photo via @Gemrick/Twitter

The haters have spoken.

Selfies, for better or worse, will probably be a thing until the end of time. They’ve become normalized, and whether you want to admit it or not, you’ve been involved with a selfie at some point, so chill out—especially if you live in Sugar Land, Texas.

Recently, the city has been criticized for a newly erected statue in the town square’s public plaza—of two teen girls taking a selfie.

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However, some people are doing what the statue was probably intended for: taking selfies with it. Which honestly sounds like more fun than making a big fuss over its existence.

We stand in solidarity with the people of Sugar Land who just want to take a selfie with a statue that celebrates the fun of taking a selfie. Plus, just wait until the same people that complained about the piece finally give in and take a selfie of their own. 

The selfie statue will triumph over all.

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