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The glorious rise of ‘Taste the Biscuit’ TikTok

A song from a decade-old indie film has TikTok obsessed.


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Internet Culture

Posted on Oct 14, 2022   Updated on Oct 13, 2022, 2:33 pm CDT

That One Sound is a column from internet culture reporter Charlotte Colombo that explores the origin of popular sounds heard on TikTok.

You might have heard a delicious directive on TikTok lately: “Taste the biscuit, taste the goodness of the biscuit.” The song, from an obscure 2010 film, has inspired parodies, remixes, and the “chrome lady” beach trend.

Here’s a deep, doughy dive into “Taste the Biscuit,” a song that’s gone viral before.

The sound

Versions of the sound have been circulating since the summer, and it features a woman singing, “Taste the biscuit, taste the goodness of the biscuit.” The song also instructs you to “taste the honey sauce,” with or without the biscuit.

The account @xdogface_xx posted the most popular sound in July; it’s been used in more than 30,000 TikToks. One of the top comments on that video says, “I feel like ‘taste the biscuit’ is code for something else,” and TikTok certainly ran with that. The #tastethebiscuit tag has more than 57 million views.

@oscurrrrr She didn’t wanna get cancelled… sorry luv I’ve already contacted your job and your landlord🤷 you’re done #tastethebiscuit ♬ original sound – Reggie D
@leothecutestlion The grind never stops #biscuit #biscuits #kneading #catsoftiktok #cute #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #viral #orangecat #cutecat #cat #cats #catlover ♬ original sound – Reggie D

Last month, the sound started being used with the “Vacation Walk” filter, which turns your body silver and allows you to strut on a virtual beach. That become the dominant trend associated with the sound, and trying to describe this clash of sound and vision to someone not on TikTok could make you “sound like you had lead poisoning,” according to one TikTok.

@electradupri #tastethebiscuit ♬ original sound – Reggie D

♬ original sound – Reggie D

YouTuber Tyler Oakley dressed up as the chrome lady, to express the exhaustion of being on everyone’s FYP all day.

@tyleroakley consider the biscuit tasted 😮‍💨 #tastethebiscuit #chromebeachlady ♬ original sound – Joe Gunn

And people have done their own takes on the song, creating something new.

@slvr.bull3t Replying to @biracialemofagg biscuit music video #tastethebiscuit #fyp ♬ TASTE THE BISCUIT POP VER SINNY – SinnyLIT🧸

Where’s it from?

The song is originally from a film by Vincent Gargiulo, who posted the song to TikTok in July. He notes that the clip is from his 2010 film, Chickens in the Shadows, a mockumentary about the revival of ’70s pop duo Toasters ‘N’ Moose, played by Estelle Piper and Tom Shaw. The full version is on YouTube.

“One day in 2009, you write a little song, make a movie, and 13 years later, you inadvertently start a cult,” Gargiulo tells the Daily Dot. “Cult leader doesn’t pay much, fyi. It’s been a wild ride having it explode again.”

@vincentgargiulo #🤔 #😅 #biscuit #tastethebiscuit ♬ Taste the Biscuit (feat. Toasters ‘n’ Moose) – Vincent Gargiulo

The clip going viral on TikTok is of Piper and Shaw performing at a thrift store during a disastrous Northern California reunion tour. The song’s created a new fanbase, and has been cited by Elijah Wood, Questlove, Snoop Dogg, and more.

“Never wanted to be back on SNL more,” Ana Gasteyer wrote on Twitter, referencing her and Will Ferrell’s characters Bobbi and Marty Culp.

But that’s not to say the song doesn’t have OG fans: Piper told Rolling Stone that it went viral a decade ago, and young people did covers or parodies on YouTube. Curiously, she says Phish fans got into the song, too. Billy Ray Cyrus performed “Taste the Biscuit” in 2011 on the George Lopez Show.

As Shaw pointed out on TikTok, Lopez featured the song on his show more than once.

Sound off

Shaw and Piper posted the “2022 version” of “Taste the Biscuit” on TikTok this week, and it has more than 427,000 views so far. The majority of commenters are ecstatic, and have taken to calling Piper and Shaw “mom” and “dad.”

Gargiulo did a duet with the video, commenting, “This is too meta even for me.”

“Taste the Biscuit” has become so big it’s bleeding into other recent memes, like the M3GAN dance. And yes, the odds are very good that Shaw and Piper will be a popular Halloween costume this year.

“I love all the remixes and cosplay and the sheer happiness it seems to bring people,” Gargiulo says. “Hard to be angry with that song on.”

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*First Published: Oct 14, 2022, 7:00 am CDT