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How a Vine rebirth gave the ‘Bad Girls Club’ meme the remixes it always needed

I didn’t get no f*cking sleep ’cause of y’all, ya’ll not gonna get no sleep ’cause of me.”


Gabe Bergado

Internet Culture

Even if you don’t know Tanisha Thomas from Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club, you surely know her work. Her famous tirade from 2008’s season two, in which she laments, “I didn’t get no fucking sleep ’cause of ya’ll, ya’ll not gonna get no sleep ’cause of me,” has been endlessly posted and remixed, and is now a pillar of Web culture.

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Tanisha as a meme and cultural relic already had a big presence on Tumblr, but recently people have started remixing her iconic freakout with music, proving her expert percussion skills.

Even sped up she sounds amazing. Watch as she takes on Nicki’s “Starships.”

You can also watch this master compilation video of all of the Tanisha remixes:

Tanisha may have given those girls a rude awakening, but we’d gladly have these mashups as our alarm clocks. 

Photo via Bad Girls Club/Facebook

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