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Want to buy the world’s most important potato?

Swedish people are auctioning a big potato, so get on that.


Jay Hathaway

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The humble potato, a historically important foodstuff that once fed entire populations, no longer gets the credit it deserves. But how to restore it to its former glory? A group of Swedes has launched a campaign to create The World’s Most Important Potato, sell it for a lot of money, and donate the proceeds to charity.

Their website, (“main potato,” according to Google Translate),  is blowing up on Reddit’s r/sweden, which is also known as “Sweddit.” The potato is ready for the bigtime. 

Thus far, the high bidder for this very important potato has offered 655 Swedish kroner, or about $70. When the auction ends, the money will all go to Musikhjälpen (Music Aid), a well-known radio fundraiser where three Swedish celebrities spend 144 hours locked in a glass house. Viewers and listeners can send in song requests in exchange for a donation to that year’s charitable cause. 

In 2016, the cause is schooling for kids in war-ravaged countries. So far, the potato is worth somewhere between 3 and 13 song requests.

I couldn’t determine whether or not this is the most expensive potato ever, but its certainly challenging another Swedish record, for the world’s most expensive potato chips. Just a few months ago, a Swedish brewery offered 5 gourmet potato chips for $56, also for charity. The full run of 500 chips ended up selling out. 

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