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What it’s like to vacation with Super Mario

Every vacation would be better with a view of Ecco the Dolphin splashing in the ocean while you sip on a pina colada.


Fernando Alfonso III

Internet Culture

Every vacation would be better with a view of Super Mario racing through castle ruins while you sip on a pina colada. 

Victor Benitez’s online art gallery, Real Bits, features original photographs of classic video game characters such as Mario and Ecco the Dolphin vacationing on the island of Majorca, his home. 

“Super Mario games were some of my favorites during my childhood,” he told the Daily Dot, explaining the origin of the project. “I wanted to create something as similar as possible to each video game. Something that makes you remember those moments playing that game. 

“Some photos reproduce specific moments. Other are simply logical in terms of that game’s universe or a result from my imagination.”

The series is similar to Ryan Snieder’s “Hunting Space Invaders” series: the world of humans and video games joined together in perfect harmony using shadows and blending techniques in Photoshop. 

Here’s a look at some of our favorite mashups to date. 

Super Mario World: Castle Demolition

The Secret of Monkey Island

Final Fantasy VI: Forest Dungeon

Mario Kart: Castle Circuit

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Ecco the Dolphin: Surface

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