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Fan mashes up Studio Ghibli characters with real life

Somebody tell me where to find the Totoro train stop!


Sarah Weber

Internet Culture

Whenever we’re waiting at a bus or train stop, we can’t help but think of how delightful it would be to find Totoro standing next to us. 

And apparently we’re not alone. A dedicated Studio Ghibli fan has created a magical video combining the characters we love with real-world settings.

Doesn’t seeing Catbus gallop across a meadow and Howl’s Moving Castle skitter over a hillside fill your heart with joy? Watch the video closely and you’ll see characters from lots of Studio Ghibli’s beloved movies, from Porco Rosso to Princess Mononoke. 

You can get a behind-the-scenes look at how the fan filmmaker, who goes by the handle Kojer, put the film together in the video below. 

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