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This app uses science to improve your well-being with music

The world may be a dumpster fire right now, but at least music can still soothe us.


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Posted on May 29, 2020

Do you ever pump yourself up for a big meeting or first date with music? Cranking the volume in the car ride over or putting on a calming playlist while you work are ways music can influence your mood. But it’s hard to get it just right; you’re not a scientist, after all.

Luckily, real scientists developed an app designed to improve your overall well-being through music and it’s offering a limited-time lifetime subscription for under $40. is a science-backed music app designed to relax your brain and focus on positive energy. It was listed in Apple’s 2019 Apps We Love and was a 2019 App of The Day feature for its work to bring technology and music therapy into a powerful well-being tool. 

Over 200 tracks of music and guided meditations are available in a lifetime subscription to You’ll have access to tracks designed by certified music therapists and world-class music producers to help you focus or recharge. 

There’s no need to deal with Pandora and Spotify ads while you work, nor is there a need to keep skipping distracting tracks that are the wrong vibe for your workflow. You can boost productivity and creativity while you work with a playlist backed by science. The music wellness app isn’t just changing your mood, it’s using science to relieve pain, spark joy, and even track real-time heart-rates while you listen. The calming interface lets you pick a path toward personal growth or mindfulness and from there, the experts will guide you with music and meditation. 

The next time you need to pump yourself up like Kendall Roy in the opening scene of Succession, don’t pick a generic playlist; pick a playlist backed by science with A lifetime subscription is currently being offered at an 86% discount, and a deal like that is a great start to improving your mood. 

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*First Published: May 29, 2020, 1:13 pm CDT