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Netflix may have dropped the premiere date of ‘Stranger Things’ season 2

It’s simple math.


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While season 2 of the fan favorite Netflix original series Stranger Things is expected to premiere this year, the streaming giant has yet to reveal the debut’s exact date, save for a clip from a teaser trailer set for Super Bowl Sunday.

However, a new graphic shared on the series’s social media channels have fanatics scrambling to do the math.

The graphic appears to be the “weather forecast” for Houston, the site of this year’s Super Bowl game. With the teaser set to debut on Sunday, the temperature appears to be a hat tip to Eleven and an allusion to the trailer.

However, the other “data”—Friday and Saturday’s temperature highs and lows and the barometric pressure—is less obvious, and it appears to require a few mathematical calculations to fully reveal the clue.

Some respondents thought the clues pointed to Eleven-specific moments in the series.

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Others tackled simple math.

And it checks out, kind of. If you subtract the lows from the highs, you get nine for Friday and eight for Saturday, but 22 for Sunday (subtracting a negative number results in addition). Apply the same function to the barometric pressure, and you get -17.

Or Sunday’s temperatures could just be a reminder for Sunday’s teaser trailer, and nine, eight, and (positive) 17 are actually the numbers to focus upon, meaning that we could expect season 2 to drop on Sept. 8, 2017.

Guess we’ll just have to wait for Sunday’s first look to find out. 

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