Photo via Geoffrey Fairchild/Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Take that, social media.

When parents decide their children need a break from their phones, they usually come up with a reasonable punishment to combat this technology addiction and instill good manners.

“If you use text during dinner again I’m grounding you,” a mom might say. Or, “Your teacher told me that you were caught using your phone in class. No phone privileges for a week.”

Or even, “Since you always want to be on your phone, I’m gonna shoot it to smithereens and sledgehammer the remains, then upload a video of all that to YouTube so you can be even more embarrassed.”

Yeah, that actually happened. Fed up with her kid’s digital obsessions and ever-shrinking attention spans, this no-nonsense mother annihilated their phones in classic southern style. No more checking Twitter or Instagram, and no way to complain on Facebook about how their mom used their favorite devices for target practice.

Remember when you made your mom angry and she’d just give you a warning or send you to your room? Those days are over. Moms today are locked and loaded and ready to show their children that there’s more to life than status updates. Watch the phone.