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Lauren Forgione

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Posted on Jun 2, 2020   Updated on Jun 11, 2020, 9:31 am CDT

These days, having an online presence is essential for any brand. But it’s not enough to just slap a WordPress or Shopify site on the ol’ interwebs and call it a day. What you really need to succeed is a digital marketing strategy—and a huge part of that is social media marketing. Since you already spend most of your waking hours on one platform or another, why not put those skills to good use and hone them professionally with this 2020 Social Media Marketing Bootcamp?

Social Media Manager has been deemed by CNN as one of the top 100 jobs in America, and the demand for specialists continues to increase. But, to circle back for a moment, you can’t just slap a post up on the ol’ news feed and call it a day. Social media managers are responsible for helping brands grow, communicate, keep up with trends, and manage reputation. Not all press is good press, and screenshots are forever.

The 2020 Social Media Marketing Bootcamp Certification Bundle’s more than 34 hours of content are led by Boot Camp Digital, an education agency that’s been featured in Wired, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, CBS News, The New York Times, and NBC News and boasts clients like Google, P&G, Boeing, Nike, and Verizon. Check out what’s this 7-course bundle—over $2000 of training for under $30—and decide if you want to learn what it takes to make a career out of your hobby.

Digital Marketing Foundations 101

Before you can fully understand how to use social media for business, you need to get your footing in digital marketing as a whole. Concluding with lessons on social media marketing, this 6-hour course runs you through the basics of email marketing, building a website, integrating SEO into your overall digital strategy, digital advertising, measurement, and analytics.

Social Media Foundations 101

A more detailed look at social media for brands can be found in the 88 lessons here. Meant for beginners, you’ll learn the features and functionalities of major social platforms, how to set up your different accounts, how each platform fits into your business strategy, and best practices for connecting and engaging with a larger audience.

Social Media Strategy

Building, assessing, and maintaining a social media strategy is often a job in and of itself. This six hour course will help you understand how to drive growth, traffic, and conversions as well as guide you through building a strategic social media marketing plan based on eight steps. You’ll learn how to identify trends, define target audiences, and set key performance indicators (KPIs) for tracking performance and the success of your strategy.

Facebook Marketing

As far as platforms go, Facebook is still on top. According to the Sprout Social 2019 Index, it’s still the most used social media platform for marketers and consumers. So you probably should master it, eh? Through these 92 lectures, you’ll explore advanced Facebook features to grow your business. Learn the right way to build an audience, best practices for optimizing your brand’s page, how to create compelling content and boost engagement, the ins and outs of FB’s insights and analytics data, and how to unlock some hidden functionality that can boost your results.

Facebook Advertising

The best kind of growth for your brand is organic, like the kind discussed in the previous course. But more often than ever, businesses rely on paid growth. And that’s where Facebook ads come in. Take just 5 hours to discover how FB ads fit into your overall strategy, ad content best practices to engage your audience, targeting and buying options to make the most of your resources, and advanced strategies like testing for better ROI.

Instagram Marketing

The other big guy in the game is Instagram, which you definitely already know. But do you know how to create a successful Insta strategy? Probably not. Discover how to get better results faster with the 60 lessons in this master class. It covers the differences between personal and business IG accounts, how to cultivate followers, executing a content strategy, showcasing your brand’s personality, how to drive sales, and more.

LinkedIn Marketing

Because LinkedIn is focused on a completely different target audience and use, it has its own best practices that must be followed. Perfect for all your B2B communications and growth needs, you won’t want to skip over it. This quick two hour course teaches you why LinkedIn is powerful, how to set up and optimize your business (and personal!) profile, efficient ways to grow your network and maximize your impact, plus how to create ads and analyze their results.

Rated as “Excellent” on Trustpilot, the 489 lectures in the 2020 Social Media Marketing Bootcamp Certification Bundle are on sale for only $29.99, a savings of 98%.

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*First Published: Jun 2, 2020, 11:02 am CDT