Kid who fell asleep in line to meet Santa gets the best Christmas photos ever

It’s a good thing this little guy was allowed to snooze through his photos with Santa—because they turned out to be a whole lot more adorable than if he was smiling.

Donnie Walters’ 6-month-old son Zeke fell asleep while in line to sit on old Saint Nicholas’s lap at a mall in Evansville, Indiana. Father Christmas asked that little Zeke not be woken up, which led to some of the cutest pictures of the holiday season. Zeke dozed atop a passed-out Santa, who had The Night Before Christmas nestled under his arm as if the pair had been enjoying the classic Yuletide bedtime story.

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Santa even put a little hat on Zeke in a couple of the photos to keep the youngster warm and cozy. Zeke might not remember the moment, but he sure got quite the Christmas treat. 

H/T USA Today | Photos via Donnie’s Daddy Daycare/Facebook

Gabe Bergado

Gabe Bergado

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