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Here’s Kelly from ‘Shoes’ ten years later

They’re so classically Kelly.


Gabe Bergado

Internet Culture

Oh my god… shoes.

This past April marked the ten-year anniversary of one of the first viral videos: “Shoes,” starring Liam Kyle Sullivan as a blond, angsty teenager with a passionate love of footwear. During 2006, nobody could say the word “shoes” without someone reciting back “oh my god, shoes.”

A decade later, it seems like some of the most important people in Sullivan’s life don’t know about his double-identity as Kelly. In this new video from the comedian, the woman who calls him “honey” had apparently never seen “Shoes” and doesn’t put two and two together. And while cleaning out the garage, Sullivan comes across a remnant from his stiletto-filled past that’s pink, striped, and totally from Kelly’s closet.

Does this mean what we think it means? Could we see the triumphant return of Kelly sometime soon? We haven’t seen any videos of her in a couple of years, but maybe us Shoes-disciples will “get what we want.” AKA more shoes.

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